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The ultimate brow soap that creates natural, “knock out” brows. It’s the new way to elevate your beauty regime and step up your brow game in an effortless and fun way. The products main aim is for it to be an easy add on to slide into your existing beauty or make-up routine.

Sydney Make Up Artist, Creator, & Tribe Leader Jaclyn Hnitko found the increased attention that brows were starting to gain over social media through the increase of questions she would often be asked. Achieving a full thick brow like the models she’d work with for fashion editorial & advertising campaigns. Slowly the tides have changed and natural beauties are being embraced more and more.
Jaclyn wanted to be able to recommend a product that was high quality, sustainable, beautiful and had a voice for the modern millennial. It was this search that made her realise the gap in the market and she set her sights on sharing this insider Hollywood makeup trick with so many more people by creating something she’s poured her heart & soul into.

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Walk the walk & talk the talk for your intended audience. It became clear through research, discovery and the beginnings of building out a brand aesthetic that the personality of the brand grew from the age of modern millennials. The idea that beauty should be simple and accessible to all, effortless, cool and fun. It was of the highest importance that the personality of the brand shone through its messaging, visuals, and collateral and felt like you were engaging with your ride or die best friend who also isn’t afraid to call you out on your BS.

Working with Jaclyn Hnitko and her team, we were able to identify the brands’ core value’s, personality and purpose. The brand was shaped on the pretty in pink days of friendship, the escape of summer holidays and the ideal to dare to dream big. As millennials yearn to indulge in the nostalgia of the go-to 90’s beauty magazines, shared friendship diaries and polaroid memorabilia – making no apologies for this. From this, we gained a clear clarity of the brand messaging and aesthetic which resulted in a bold but carefree logo, type and colour palette. This made the journey of creating packaging, marketing collateral, social media, EDM’s more cohesive and unified and specific to the BROWKO brand

As the feel of the brand has a no-nonsense simplicity, it was important that when demonstrating to the audience how to use the product, that all of that was communicated effectively. Using as many mediums in both digital and print, to communicate this as often and in as many ways the BROWKO audience needed them to.

We used photographic snapshots of the product being utilised broken down into four key steps.

The inclusion of fun quirky illustrations would give a simple overview of what was needed to really get the best use of the product, the styling of the illustrations were created to also appeal directly to the intended audience.

The tool of video demonstration shot in the cool and fun vibe of the brand was created to be both informative and re-emphasise the feel and look of the brand.

The website is the holy grail of BROWKO because that’s where the majority of their audience would be visiting to make the final decision to purchase the product as well as learn how to use the product, about their story, and continue to engage with the brand and messaging. It had to be comprehensive enough, while still being simple minimal and to the point and most importantly ooze the BROWKO brand. The EDM’s, follow up e-commerce emails, were all included in this kit and kaboodle and we took this opportunity to continue the brand personality through messaging and additional brand elements.

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